Our Mission

To provide private and public industry with clean, efficient and reliable power generation solutions.

BPEI is a Vancouver-based specialty engineering consulting company.

We offer innovative, targeted solutions to meet the needs of power users and power generators worldwide.

As a small, streamlined firm, BPEI offers focused, efficient service that is easily adapted to the diverse and changing needs of clients.

With 60 years of experience and relationship-building in the power generation industry, BPEI is able to assemble technically-skilled, multi-disciplinary teams to undertake a wide variety of projects from conception to commissioning.

Our experience includes projects in renewable energy, mining & metals, oil & gas and pulp & paper.

We offer a range of services:

  • Engineering
  • System Design
  • Field Service
  • Project Management
  • Subcontractor Qualification & Management
  • Operator Training


BPEI offers engineering services for: Boiler & Cogeneration Systems, Energy & Environmental Technologies, Electrical Design & Control Systems, Operations & Maintenance, Material Handling Systems, Mechanical Design & Drafting.

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BPEI has a track record of successfully managed small- to large-scale industrial projects. Our specialties include power generation prediction and costs analysis, current and forecasted market demand, government regulations compliance and operating permits.